Country Smallholding Magazine


It is thanks to #twitter that I have made some excellent connections and friends.

Affording endless entertainment, company & information, I have also been invited to tweet for @smallholdersUK & @smallholdersIRL this year.

Not only a baptism of twittering fire but a welcome to the world of publishing (in a very minor capacity). Country Smalholding Magazine was kind enough to print something about me & my menagerie earlier this year and this month, am included in a feature on establishing a smallholding.

Sharing what we do and how we do it, in all professions, is hugely important & for many reasons. Personally, I want other people to learn from my mistakes & from the things I think I may have got right for once! Why endlessly reinvent the wheel? I want to learn from everyone else, too.

I also, like many like me, want to share my bonkers journey in this complex world of farm-to-plate & to show that ethical farming practices can be sustainable & enjoyable; & that high welfare stock produces high quality, healthier food.

Come & meet me & the #swanbridgesafari on Sunday mornings, 11 0’clock at the field gate (but only when it’s dry). DM @HelenJoy20 or PM Swanbridge Porkers or Swanbridge Flockers on Facebook for details.


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