Today in the Henhouse c/o Valerie Chicken

blue egg.jpgSo, VC, muddy blue eggs easier to find than muddy brown ones?
Posh legbars finally lay an egg, huh?
Buk cluck
Yes. Like buses. 5 come at once – from 2 chickens..
Bawkk cluck bawk
Nope, I’ve no idea either, VC.

# Pork sales #

Quarter pigs available end of this month – January – at £5 / kilo butchered and delivered to Cardiff / Vale.

Sausages at £6 / kilo.

All locally reared with care.

Message me or call 07777 691944.

+ Happy New Year +


4 piglets to Big Pig – my oldest pig and heaviest at about 250kilos

She is the matriarch of the herd and even though known for her common sense and gentle temperament, clearly had a moment of madness with the escapee Tamworth boar 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days prior to New Year’s Day..

So, these 4 are Berkshire, Middle White, Tamworth crosses – and fighting each other from the moment of birth – that’s the Tamworth, the domestic breed closest to the wild boar.