Ex-battery hens – Easter Eggs

Well, 4 out of the 6 have survived – I think the cold and the shock of new surroundings probably upset them. However, these 4 are busy growing new feathers and learning to fly up into the trailer and now the Landy.

The rooster and his gals don’t seem to bother them; and they are free to dash into their own coop when the rain comes down.

They are very likeable little birds and I really hope they continue to enjoy their new home.

They are laying huge eggs – remarkable! The blue eggs are from the cream legbar hens.IMG_1232.JPG


Pig Arks – the moving thereof

So this is what happens when you think you are clever with a Landy, steel hawser and a pig ark which needs to be in another part of the field.

First, you get some friends, Jane and Maddy, to help you tip it up so you can clean it out. Then, you pay an obliging farmer to top your field. Then, on the weekend, the sun comes out and you think, hmm, I could have a go at towing that ark…

So you do.

Today, my mate John helped me put it back together with lots of 4” nails, 3” screws and a hammer. Am now deaf but the pigs are happy.

Battery Hens

Ex-battery hens, 6 of them, were brought home yesterday from the collecting point in Trellech, near Monmouth, organised by The British Hen Welfare Trust.

Photos below show them arriving; and then again today, in the sunshine.

Good that it’s sunny – no feathers to keep them warm, sadly.

The run is temporary – they need to know where their coop is and to be able to stand up for themselves with the other animals before it can be removed. Picasso, the cream legbar rooster, is already keen to add them to his flock and is showing them feed.

Incredibly, one hen laid an egg this morning!

IMG_1184Update: Sunning themselves – and late to bed this evening too!