Funny ol’ day

I used to keep diaries. Lots of diaries. Then Mum died & I stopped. Now I use Twitter & Facebook instead. I still hope that one day I will be famous & all this stuff will be useful. Until then…

Today was a funny ol’ day.

Fed animals in the dark, wished the bees a good morning & trekked off to Spar to buy cat food. It’s 0705, still dark & I am wearing the very latest in smallholder gear: filthy waterproofs, filthy boots & gloves, topped off with unbrushed hair & pjs underneath. I have never worn pjs to a shop before. Of course, as I walk in, having left the boots outside, I walk straight into someone I know. Of course. I am hilarious apparently. I have to agree but draw the line at having my photo taken for the Spar hall of fame.

Next stop, give or take loading a pig or two (would’ve been 4 but one got away), is Maddocks at Maesteg. This is where I learn that abbatoir workers & the nice lady from Animal Health don’t get many laughs in their job. Thinking the coast was clear, I stripped off the waterproofs to reveal a short wool dress, black tights & then slipped on a pair of shoes. In the car park. In what is now daylight.

What are we here for but to entertain our neighbours.

The rest of the day included the joys of waiting for Big Pig to farrow (still we wait), thanking Jane Bissett profusely for pig-sitting when I was at work, cooking a very mediocre supper & getting the escapee boy pig back in with the other boars.

It also inluded 2 parcels in the post: a beautiful, cross-stitch Valerie Chicken cushion cover from Tracey & a beautiful cross-stitch GOS pigs cushion cover from Ros.

And now, back to the tax return. Nos da.

2017 Goals ~ Let’s go with Healthy, Wealthy and Wise… and a couple donkeys

Check this out – delightful! #livingthedream

Pumpjack & Piddlewick

I absolutely adore that the advent of the New Year gives one a sense of renewal, a chance to reflect and consequently focus on ones short and long term goals.  We have lots of changes planned for 2017 and, I must say, yes, I must, that we are very, very excited (and a teeny bit scared).  We will be putting all our eggs into our  entrepreneurial basket and focusing our time specifically ~ Pumpjack’s to our new wine business Terroir au Verre and me, Piddlewick, to my Pumpjack & Piddlewick  Shop and the life that goes on behind it, so our blog will get a bit of a face lift too this year.

Welcome 2017! It’s make or break time.
(Hmmm, maybe not a good euphemism when talking about entrepreneurial eggs.)

Our Plans? If all goes well, the immediate goal will be  to buy our own place for ourselves and…

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