Important Notice

I came home today to a pile of veg. peelings chucked over the field gate.

Whoever did this does not understand the possible consequences. Please do not do this to stock, however well-meaning your intentions.

Animals in the food chain cannot have waste food from unidentifiable sources; from kitchens, it is illegal. If they had eaten the peelings, they would have been exempt from the food chain. Their lives would be lost. I could be prosecuted.

Windfall apples and pears are a delicious treat and welcomed.

Also – animals, like people, are unpredictable, they may bite..respect them, always.


Please check out Facebook Swanbridge Porkers and Swanbridge Flockers for regular updates & daily animal chat; also @HelenJoy20 #swanbridgeporkers #swanbridgeflockers

Great post in Swanbridge Porkers on Roast Pork… mmmmmmm

Many thanks

Just a Normal Saturday #swanbridgesafari

Chickens nicking spilled corn and pig feed from the trailer. Fine Cream Legbar rooster – Picasso; and two of his hens – a warren and another legbar.

#Bear the Boar oiled again today – just cos he loves it… repaired his ark today (until he trashes it again no doubt) and he was wormed along with the sows and piglets – what bananas were made for #medication containers. A spoon full of sugar…

The dog’s had a great day – running around, trips out in the Landy and no baths because it’s DRY!!!! YAY!!!

Feeding Sheep

These sheep, Dorsets, shetlands, Lavenders and Castlemilk Moorits, are in lamb so they need a little extra feed given twice daily.. sometimes, it’s easy to get the feed in the troughs without being barged.. and sometimes it’s not.

Today, the sheep fairy has left a pretty gift in the feed bucket…


Honey too

Thanks to Dean who brought the first hive and to Pete at Nature’s Little Helpers for their ongoing management of the Swanbridge hives.

Home to jars of freshly decanted honey waiting on the front seat of the Landy.

Always tell your bees the latest news and thank them for their honey.honey.jpg