Big Pig, Freebirthing in the Sun

20160728_153315Home to 4 Berkshire x Middle White piglets, born to Big Pig dam & Bear, sire, this week.

Big Pig & piglets are doing well so far – all up & about enjoying the summer weather, sheltering from any rain under the blackberry bushes.


Today, having spent the day in their paddock, they are all now getting ready for bed. Big Pig has covered her little ones with straw & hay to keep them safe & warm.

I was concerned when I found her on Wednesday evening as whilst the farrowing had gone well, there was no sign of a nest. Given straw, she immediately made a home for them all.


The next day, I saw that she had built an enormous nest in the heart of her paddock & today it was used as a play area for the piglets.

Nite nite, BP..



Signage #swanbridgesafari

Today, I bought a bird’s nesting box (for a robin, in fact), painted it grey, glued a business card to the front & screwed it to the fence.

Inside, are cards for both Swanbridge Porkers & The Kennixton Flock for passers-by to take – a rural variation on the take-one box!

I still can’t decide what to do about the graffiti – whilst annoying, it is eye-catching although possibly for all the wrong reasons.

I just hope it will all still be there in the morning as Saturday nights in the summer tend to bring trouble as well as bats, bugs & swallows.


Roo-ing a Castlemilk Moorit


Roo-ing a Castlemilk Moorit ewe – I would like to say that I roo-ed the whole sheep but sadly her temperament and the darkening of the day, meant that Jane had to complete the job with shears.

Freya and Felicia are both fine examples of their breed and act as the watch-dogs for the whole flock of Shetlands and Dorsets. Their deer-like look and stance make for very elegant sheep; and their no-nonsense attitude makes for an interesting, if sometimes challenging, role for their shepherds.




Calling all free range, rare breed pork lovers – place orders NOW for quarter pigs butchered; and sausages – delivery over next few weeks starting next week. I will be confirming orders with those who have already requested packs. Weight of a quarter pig – roughly 12/15 kilos; fresh not frozen – ready for freezing – ready for EATING !! Yum! Message me for details please.

Ivo, Champion, Royal Bath & West

Ivo has a rewarding first outing at a show and single-handedly, showed off the breed. Well-deserved young ram!

Huge thanks to Kennixton Flock for taking him to the Royal Bath & West along with their very successful Shetlands; and to his even more successful shepherd, Jane Bissett – Champion Flockmaster!