In honour of #sausageweek…the call of the sausage…

Valerie Chicken

It’s that time of year. The run up to Christmas and long dark cold nights ahead of us and the calling of the hot sausage and mustard begins…

Now is the time to start thinking about those pork chops, roasting joints, casseroles and baked sausages in onion gravy…

Swanbridge Porkers are sold in 3 kilo bags of about 30 – 34 big, hand-twisted sausages.

sausages cooked Sausages, baked

roast pork
Roast Swanbridge Porker joint

Swanbridge Porkers also come as joints of pork in a box. A box always contains 12 kilos of fresh pork – chops, shoulder and belly, leg and maybe a kidney. It is lean meat with about an inch of fat and skin – which makes fab crackling!

Butchery is courtesy of Maddocks Kembery Meats in Maesteg. Products are delivered to your door.

Visitors are always welcome here – just message using Facebook Swanbridge Porkers or Tweet @HelenJoy20 or text on…

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