#CountrySmile #WorldofJoy


Sometimes you just have to learn to say, YES!

All those things I said I really wanted to do but didn’t. Lack of confidence, lack of opportunity, lack of time. Lack of effort, usually.

So then I found myself in a place where saying yes was acceptable and haven’t looked back.

It started with saying yes to pigs, then writing, then speaking, then speaking some more but this time into a mic. I’m not likely to be headhunted by #BBCRadio4 any time soon but am so very grateful for the chance to talk with other people about their passions, our passions, the things we love.

So, #CountrySmile here we come:

World of Joy (#CountrySmile) on Radio Cardiff podcast: Helen Joy chats with the people she meets along her way – smallholder, artist, writer, speaker & critic, Helen shares her life with a wonderful variety of folk and animals. From piglets to hot tubs, dancers to spray paint – join her and her guests as they talk life, the universe and all things muddy, inevitably.

Who fancies joning me for a chat? Starting this week. Message me.

And always very happy to talk #pigs

Theme music will be: “Electroacoustic Samba III”, by Eduardo Reck Miranda

”The piece is part of a suite of 10 pieces of electronic music exploring Brazilian rhythms. The one I sent you, uses mostly the sounds & rhythms of a Brazilian instrument of African origin, called “berimbau”(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berimbau).”


Standing on the shoulders of giants:


UpdateTuesday 10th October.

And we did it:

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