Sheep 2016


Ivo, Felicia & Freya were all very proud to be asked to represent the Castlemilk Moorit breed – it was a long day but worth it as they had many appreciative comments.

I would recommend Sheep 2016, Three Counties Showground Malvern, as a most interesting & informative sheepy day out. I especially enjoyed watching the Sheep Dog Auction – most entertaining at times….


I have found this extra text written for the CMSS newsletter:

Sheep 2016, Malvern Three Counties Showground

27th July

My Castlemilk Moorit ram & ewes were invited to represent the breed at Sheep 2016. They were bred by Kathy Domaille & so carry the Godshill Flock name; any offspring will form the Swanbridge Flock.

A day out with these elegant, rare-breed sheep & their shepherd, Jane Bissett of the Kennixton Flock, seemed like a good idea to me & so we agreed to attend.

From my perspective, as a newcomer to both sheep & Sheep 2016, it was a seriously serious sheep show held at the eminently practical Three Counties Showground in the heart of the Malvern hills. The sun came out & it was a good day. Held every two years, this is the big sheep networking opportunity for owners, suppliers & all interested folk to mingle, shop & learn.

Everyone was friendly & welcoming with tea, coffee, cake & biscuits offered at almost every stand. This may seem facile but a warm welcome with snacks always engenders a warm response, a longer chance to chat & a greater chance therefore of selling your wares, be they woolly or otherwise.

I wasn’t too keen on the butchery stands being in amongst the livestock but that is my only criticism. I know that I was not alone in thinking this.

Stands both inside & out covered all aspects of sheepery from meeting the breeds, like mine, to understanding carcasses, tagging, spinning wool & there was also plenty of opportunity to watch fancy kit being tried & tested by volunteer sheep.

Jane took a shine to the multi-functional flock management gear – hurdles, weighing scales, scanner & tipper all folding up into a trailer for easy transportation – so we saw a few of those!

Lunchtime was spent sitting in the race stands watching the sheep dog auction – much entertainment there from extraordinarily talented animals through to the errant… sheep, dogs & shepherds demonstrated their abilities & dogs changed owners under the quickfire agricultural auctioneer’s skills.

There were presentations on everything from worms to cookery, workshops & demos. Sadly, I just couldn’t fit it all in but then I mostly visited everywhere giving away home-made cake. Shallow perhaps but I met a lot of people with whom I will stay in touch. I learned how to manage conservation meadows with native sheep from my neighbouring exhibitor & that one day is not enough at this event unless you plan beforehand.

Back at the stand, Sylvie, from That Farming Life, came over for a chat which afforded us all much star-struck excitement. Lots of passers-by were keen to share their stories & learn about the breed. The sheep were well behaved throughout the show although I am sure they were all very glad to get home.

Presents for ourselves included a new knife in Sheffield steel, sharpened shears & some new contacts. A few more folk know more about Castlemilk Moorits now too.

In fact, it was a very good day.

I would recommend this agricultural event to anyone particularly interested in sheep or frankly, just interested in our land, animals & heritage. It is not a fairground show, it is the real thing.

Castlemilk Moorit Sheep Society

A society founded in 1983 by the late Mr Joe Henson MBE.

Dedicated to supporting this rare breed.

Address: 50 Rugby Road, Barby, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8UBTel: 01788 891963 Email:

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