2 thoughts on “A jumble of Piggies

  1. What is it like to keep pigs? We have chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats and a dog, with an eventual donkey on the agenda. I have thought about pigs… Do they need much space, etc.? How do they compare in terms of time et al to other animals?


    1. Hi. Sorry – just seen this. Not v adept at wordpress. Lots of different ways of keeping pigs. Most of us start with a couple of weaners – young pigs bought in at about 10 weeks.
      They don’t need much space – happy in a small pen or a wide open space. However they will need more bought in feed if confined. They say that pigs cost about £1 / day to feed. The regulations must be followed. you must have a smallholder licsense and herd number. Slaughter – at about 55kilo kill out weight – is typically at about 8 months for old breeds, much less for modern breeds or where more commercial feeding and less free ranging! I love them. Have a look at Swanbridge Porkers on facebook. Always v happy to answer questions. @HelenJoy20 too


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