Important Notice

I came home today to a pile of veg. peelings chucked over the field gate.

Whoever did this does not understand the possible consequences. Please do not do this to stock, however well-meaning your intentions.

Animals in the food chain cannot have waste food from unidentifiable sources; from kitchens, it is illegal. If they had eaten the peelings, they would have been exempt from the food chain. Their lives would be lost. I could be prosecuted.

Windfall apples and pears are a delicious treat and welcomed.

Also – animals, like people, are unpredictable, they may bite..respect them, always.

2 thoughts on “Important Notice

  1. I used to have and work with horses a few years back, the amount of people who thought it acceptable for their grass clippings or endless carrots and apples to be thrown into the field amazed me. It was so tricky to educate people and make them understand that the sugar content and even choke hazards they were presenting to animals was dangerous, they just thought you were a mean jobs worth… Here’s an idea well meaning stranger – read a book!


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