Valerie Chicken

As of 2016, Swanbridge pork and lamb will be available to buy directly from Valerie Chicken as well as through David Lush Butchers, Penarth.

I have been breeding my own Berkshire and Middle White pigs since 2013 and am now moving into pure bred, pedigree Berkshires. Bear, the Kilcot Peter Ladd boar, arrived here this year having come 2nd at the Royal Berkshire Show thanks to his breeder, Sharon Barnfield. His partner, Excelsa Edith, arrived more recently and comes from Chris Impey’s herd.

I also have a starter flock of pedigree, rarebreed Swanbridge Castlemilk Moorit sheep – originally developed in Dumfries to resemble deer and up from the Isle of Wight this year from the Godshill flock.

Berkshire pigs are known for their gentle temperaments and delicious meat with fine fat veining. Castlemilk Moorits are known for their quality meat and their fine wool.

Follow #swanbridgeporkers and #swanbridgeflockers on Twitter @HelenJoy20 and on Facebook as Helen Joy and as Valerie Chicken.





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